7 Cocktails to Try This Summer

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Melbourne sure knows how to turn on summer, but whether we ever get used to those scorching January-February heat waves is another question. Luckily, we have the perfect refreshments at our Moonee Ponds bar – summer cocktails. There’s nothing quite like a Mojito in the company of your favourite people on a balmy summer night.

Whether you’re wining and dining with your other half on Valentine’s Day or schmoozing with some business associates in our cocktail bar, summer cocktails are on the menu.

Let’s discover the best cocktails to try this summer.


A summer cocktail from the land of the hot and spicy Salsa dance, the Mojito is the perfect choice. Whether you are out on a hot date or working up a sweat Cuban style, you’ll need a cool and refreshing drink.

With its combination of white rum, lime juice, and mint, highlighted with sugar to give it a little extra zip, you’ll only be asking for more.

When enjoying some light tapas and seafood a Mojito slides in nicely. The sweet and minty palate will help bring out the flavours of foods like freshly shucked oysters, ceviche, or roasted almonds and other nuts. Find a combo that will transport you straight to the beach.

Aperol Spritz

A weekend calls for something more than lunch. This light and refreshing drink is the perfect summer cocktail for entertaining. It’s a super easy cocktail to make with an end result that will bring a smile to anyone’s face. The bubbliness of prosecco and the hint of bitterness from Aperol just seem to dance on the taste buds.

Whether you are indulging in a late afternoon aperitivo or just enjoying a charcuterie plate, the light crisp taste of the Aperol spritz makes an ideal companion. The Italians really outdid themselves with this one.

Dark “N” Stormy

Although the name sounds kind of ominous, the fresh and sweet spiciness will immediately make you think of a dark clear night in the tropics.

Dark ‘n’ Stormy is a highball summer cocktail with the full-bodied flavour of Gosling’s Black Seal Rum. In fact, the name Dark ‘n’ Stormy is trademarked in the United States by Gosling’s and can only be used in the US if it contains specific ingredients including Gosling’s Black Seal Rum.

This is possibly the best summer cocktail when you are having a power lunch in the cocktail bar, or dining alfresco on a hot summer night. The complex flavours of the ginger beer, bitters and Gosling’s rum makes it a perfect pairing for any meal.


This summer cocktail was made famous by the television show Sex in the City, and just like that it changed cocktail culture forever. Going to a cocktail bar used to mean ordering a margarita or daiquiri but the Cosmo opened up the style of bartenders everywhere. It has become the go-to drink for cocktail parties, brunch, and even business lunches for decades.

This pretty pink summer cocktail is served in a chilled martini glass. Its citrus flavours have become a symbol of “girls night”. Whether it is enjoying white fish in lemon butter sauce at a trendy restaurant or hanging out at our cocktail bar, you will inevitably see a Cosmo in someone’s hand.

Elderflower Spritz

Once again the Italians outdid themselves in cocktail artistry. The mix of citrus and floral in this herbal cocktail make it one you can truly appreciate under the hot Australian sun. You might think you are not a spritzer person, but one sip of an Elderflower Spritzer and you might forsake water.

Another great summer cocktail that can be especially enjoyed over a salmon brunch or at a fancy cocktail party. Most cocktail bars make it with gin, however, it can be made with vodka too. Either way, you will find it delightful and refreshing.

French 75

If you like your champagne but sometimes want to bring it up a level then try this crisp and citrusy summer cocktail. Combine champagne, gin, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and a splash of simple syrup and you have a “girly” drink that will knock your socks off. The cocktail is actually named after the French cannons in World War I, so enjoy but beware.

Although the French 75 is great for beating the summer heat, it is also a perfect cocktail for a romantic dinner with your loved one. If you are going on a romantic first date and you really want to impress, order a French 75 with chicken or a pasta dish. It will not only enhance the flavour of the food but the mood too.

Saros Paloma

When visiting Melbourne make sure to hit Saros Bar & Dining in Moonee Ponds. We have a fantastic summer cocktail selection including our signature cocktail, the Saros Paloma.

Palomas are generally made with reposado tequila, lime juice, and either grapefruit juice and soda or a grapefruit soda, on the rocks in a salted glass. Always refreshing, but at our cocktail bar we have really elevated it.

Replacing the grapefruit juice for Campari and switching up the soda for tonic makes it absolutely delightful to sip on hot summer days. The Saros Paloma is a summer cocktail that gives you a little of everything: sweet, sour, bitter, and salty. These flavours may sound similar if you know Margarita, but the hint of bitter changes the flavour profile into something truly special.

So next time you are enjoying some corn and salsa, skip the Margarita and grab this cooling summer cocktail. You are in for a treat!


So there you have it. Seven cool and refreshing cocktails to beat the Australian summer heat, day or night. Next time you have an elegant gathering, wow your guests with some simple refreshing summer cocktails that are sure to be a hit. Or come and visit us at Saros Bar + Dining in Moonee Ponds.