Introducing Head Chef Nestor Tablada: A Culinary Journey

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We are delighted to introduce Nestor Tablada, the talented new Head Chef at Saros Bar & Dining. Nestor’s culinary journey began in the Philippines, where his love for cooking blossomed in the heart of his family’s kitchen. His passion for creating unique and delicious dishes has taken him on a remarkable journey, culminating in his latest role at Saros Bar & Dining.

Introducing Head Chef Nestor Tablada A Culinary Journey

A Passion for Flavours Born in the Philippines

Nestor’s culinary journey started at a young age, as he spent countless hours in the kitchen with his parents, experimenting with flavours and techniques. This early exposure to cooking ignited a passion that would shape Nestor’s future.

Nestor Tablada's Journey to Melbourne

At the age of 20, Nestor made the bold decision to move to Melbourne, seeking new opportunities to further his culinary career. This move would prove to be a pivotal moment, as Nestor quickly made a name for himself in Melbourne’s vibrant food scene.

A Culinary Career of Excellence & Innovation

Introducing Head Chef Nestor Tablada A Culinary Journey

Nestor’s career has been marked by a commitment to excellence and a passion for innovation. He joined the team that opened Lucy Liu Kitchen & Bar in 2014, where he honed his skills and developed his unique culinary style.

As Saros Bar & Dining’s new Head Chef, Nestor is excited to unveil his new menu in mid-March. Drawing on his diverse culinary background, Nestor has created a menu that showcases his creativity and passion for flavour.

Saros Bar & Dining New Menu Launching Autumn 2024

Until the launch of Nestor’s new menu, Saros Bar & Dining will continue to offer our current menu alongside special dishes. We are confident that Nestor’s menu will delight and inspire our guests, and we can’t wait for you to experience it.

We invite you to join us on this exciting culinary journey with Nestor Tablada. Follow us on social media for updates and behind-the-scenes insights as we prepare to launch Nestor’s new menu.